They need your help! They need your help!
For helping Romany in Romania
Fundatia ProRroma
Strada Oasului 347
400645 Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania

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About ProRroma

The ProRroma Foundation is putting efforts into helping Roma-gypsies in Romania who suffer from malnutrition and who live under unbearable conditions. Roma also suffer due to of a lack of schooling, illiteracy and discrimination and rejection in society. ProRroma is based on Christian principles.

ProRroma offers help with the construction and establishment of private Christian schools in areas populated by Roma. Beside this, ProRroma offers courses on meditation and literacy for Roma-adults. ProRroma also has construction and renovation projects in poor areas. The Foundation finances a multifunctional centre for the education of teenagers, women and the elderly.

ProRroma has a guiding committee which consists of both Romanians and Dutch. There is a close collaboration with the Dutch ProRromi foundation, which finances the projects of ProRroma in Romania and takes care of the publicity.

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