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Construction of Second Pro-Roma School in Tinca


The Christian Pro-Roma private school is overcrowded. In 2000 the school started with one nursery class for 12 children. Today, over 115 pupils daily attend the two nursery classes, two primary / elementary school classes and another large group remaining after regular State’s school classes for extra-curricular tutoring. The former school building, constructed to facilitate a kinder garden only, is now about to bursts its walls, while in September yet another group awaits to be added, which is why we start building again.

The two Roma-nursery classes and primary school will each get their own building. Much to our advantage, we own a good part of the adjacent land to build on. The Christian Pro-Roma school is a private school acknowledged by the Romanian administration, initially permitted to extend to four primary school classes. Next, we will explore to obtain permission to include the four consecutive levels of primary education. It is envisaged by the board of both our foundations, to offer a complete curriculum to our Roma pupils, starting from nursery class to finishing primary school.

With 60.000 euros we can finish the entire construction of the ground floor. Thanks to many wonderful gifts of sponsors we now have a budget to start building the new school and establish half of the ground floor with classrooms and a teachers’ office. To finish off, we will need another 60.000 euros.

Eventually, we want to realize classrooms, sanitary rooms with showers, kitchen, diner and a library. To this effect, we will build a second floor on top of the first.  Therefore, you financial support for this project is essential. Are you in?

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