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For helping Romany in Romania
Fundatia ProRroma
Strada Oasului 347
400645 Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania

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Educational Projects for youth, women and the elderly

Beside the attention we pay to the children, we would like to pay attention to youth, women and the elderly.

Roma-teenagers have a difficult life ahead of them. Following the footsteps of their parents means they remain with little or no education. They get married very young. The result is a downward spiral of poverty, which is very difficult to break. The Roma cannot integrate into society. Girls and woman take care of the family, which is usually very large. This makes the situation worse than it already was. If the elderly do not have children, no one else will take care of them. Life becomes very difficult. ProRroma intervenes and supports these groups according to their needs. We encourage teenagers, educate women, and pay attention to the elderly.

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